The Physical Effects of Marijuana on the Liver System

If a patient demonstrates one or more of these symptoms and signs, marijuana may be exerting physical effects on her/his liver system:

Feeling Dizzy

One of the first ways you can tell if unbalanced marijuana is affecting a person’s liver system is if s/he starts feeling dizzy and having trouble walking when s/he is high.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

As the liver Qi becomes more frustrated the liver Yin and blood can begin to dry/burn up. When this happens, a person may experience anxiety, panic attacks, headaches and nausea.

Coordinating Processes

The liver system is also in charge of the coordination of the thinking processes. Unbalanced marijuana use or abuse can begin to alter a person’s motivations for doing things. The ways s/he thinks and the ways that s/he can learn may change with continued use.

Effects on Women

It's easy to monitor unbalanced marijuana's effects on the liver blood in women. All you need to do is observe their menstrual blood and how they feel around the time of their menstruation.

Effects on Men

The main things men experience as unbalanced marijuana begins to encroach on their liver Qi are a lack of motivation, coordination and a loss of power in muscular strength.

As the liver Yin and blood begin to heat up in men, they can get irritable.

Compulsive Behaviors

When unbalanced marijuana begins to burn a person’s blood, s/he may fall into compulsive behaviors. Compulsion is one of the strongest characteristics of the liver's Qi and Yin getting damaged.

Physical Addiction to Marijuana

You can tell if a person is physically addicted to marijuana if s/he hasn’t had marijuana for a while and s/he feels withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can come in the forms of depression, irritability, anxiety, trouble sleeping, emotional neediness or nausea.


The liver system is the seat of the Hun, or spiritual soul.

When unbalanced marijuana damages a person’s Hun, it can lead to a great variety of non-physical symptoms.

A very important mechanism of how unbalanced marijuana injures the Hun is seen in MIST, or Marijuana Induced Stress Trauma.

To learn more about MIST, click here.

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