A Quick Start Guide to the Marijuana Syndromes

A Powerful Study Tool

There’s a potentially bewildering amount of information in the marijuana syndromes. This website is a study tool that will help you to get the most from your explorations and investigations, and if you're investigating the clinical effects and side effects of marijuana, you've hit the Motherlode with this website!

To get the most out of this process, I recommend taking the following path:

1) Read the first part of each page on this website except the important articles section. For now, skip the More Resources section of each page. The reason is that each reference in these sections will take you on a thoroughly interesting and important tangent to your central goal at this point, which is just to orient and familiarize yourself with the basic concepts. Begin with the marijuana effects section, then proceed to the marijuana syndromes section and so on as you please.

2) After reading the preliminary sections of this website, if you haven’t done so already, purchase a copy of Marijuana Syndromes. Read through the first 225 pages and absorb the introduction. In general, do not read the footnotes yet. They will lead you into a level of detail that can be overwhelming at first. If you want to, you can read a footnote here and there if you’re really curious, and you will understand exactly what I mean.

3) Read the first parts of the acupuncture, herb and diet sections of the book. Skip the specifics on points, herbs and foods for now.

4) After you’ve read the general information, begin to apply what you’ve learned as much as you can on a clinical basis. Develop questions.

5) Reread Marijuana Syndromes in its entirety with an eye to detail, including the footnotes.

6) Return to this website and read the important articles section. Essentially, these pages are ongoing chapters and details of the book written by myself and other master practitioners in the field.

7) Go over each page of this website again to review your knowledge, and then pursue the More Resources section at the bottom of each page.

8) Continue to apply what you’re learning in your clinical practice. Develop more questions and investigate lines of inquiry and experimentation on your own. If you want to, pursue training and certification.

9) Educate and share your knowledge and enthusiasm with others through this website and local community outreach in your area.

Welcome to the world of the marijuana syndromes. We’re happy that you’ve joined us in this effort and very much look forward to your contributions to this exciting and engaging new field of research. We welcome and encourage your active participation in this work.

Respectfully yours,

John Mini M.S.C.M./L.Ac./Dipl. Ac.

and The Marijuana Syndromes Team

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