Qi Gong For Marijuana Syndromes

Instructions for Practicing This Qi Gong

This is an index of videos that will teach you how to do specific Qi Gong exercises for each marijuana syndrome. It’s important to do these exercises in the following order:

1) Do the Basic Qi Gong either for men or for women first for 5-20 minutes. This will give you the energy to do the other exercises and help you to build a foundation for further work.

2) Do the specific exercise or exercises that relate to the marijuana syndrome that fits your condition most closely for 1-5 minutes.

3) Do the Basic Poison Qi Gong exercise for one minute to close.


Basic Qi Gong Exercises

Basic Qi Gong for Men
Practice this qi gong if you’re a man who takes marijuana.

Basic Qi Gong for Women
Practice this qi gong if you’re a woman who takes marijuana.

Specific Qi Gong Exercises

Qi Gong for the Metal Group

Qi Gong for the Earth Group

Qi Gong for the Fire Group

Qi Gong for the Water Group

Qi Gong for the Poison Group

Qi Gong for the Wood Group

Basic Poison Qi Gong Exercise

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