A Note to Acupuncturists Regarding the Use of Cannabis...

Fellow practitioner,

We as acupuncturists and herbalists hold some important keys to an issue that’s beginning to influence our society in a very substantial way.

At the time of this writing, approximately 11% of the population of the United States uses marijuana on a regular basis. This figure is growing rapidly. It will continue to grow regardless and perhaps in spite of marijuana’s legal status.

I’ve been doing public education on the effects and side effects of marijuana since 2005. This experience has taught me that the most important group to focus marijuana education on now is health care practitioners. Why? Because I’ve learned over this time that health care practitioners actually know less about the side effects of marijuana than the rest of the population. The result is that millions of people are getting misdiagnosed and mistreated.

We can help to turn this trend in a more positive direction.

Marijuana is a very dynamic herb with powerful synergisms and antagonisms. The presence of marijuana in your patient can radically alter the effects of both the herbal medicine and acupuncture you use. It’s essential to understand the nature and extent of these complexities surrounding marijuana to amplify both your clinical effectiveness and avoid potential disasters.

Please get yourself a copy of my book

Marijuana Syndromes: How to Balance and Optimize the Effects of Cannabis with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I want you to read it and give me your feedback for 3 reasons:

1) As a member of the acupuncture field, I respect your opinion.

2) If there’s anything you would like to add, confirm or refute on this subject, please send it to me for publication on marijuana-syndromes.com.

3) If you love the book, hate it, or whatever I hope you’ll tell others about it, and perhaps write a testimonial and/or a review on Amazon.com.

As an acupuncturist and traditional herbalist, you have a unique potential to treat the effects and side effects of marijuana. The language, strengths and orientation of TCM provide an abundance of excellent tools to aid and facilitate nearly every facet of the marijuana experience. This is what the book is about.

Marijuana’s pathophysiology is the perfect pathology for us to study as practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The reason is that if you want to understand and treat it well, you’ll need to master virtually every dimension of TCM. I hope you enjoy Marijuana Syndromes and find it useful!

All the best and I look forward to your responses,

John Mini, M.S.C.M./L.Ac.

A Special Note For Balance Method Practitioners

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For extensive details on my research and how to balance and optimize the effects of cannabis using Traditional Chinese Medicine, please refer to

Marijuana Syndromes:How to Balance and Optimize the Effects of Cannabis With Traditional Chinese Medicine