A Special Note For
Balance Practitioners

Fellow Balance practitioners,

The treatments that I’ve developed and designed over these many years of working with marijuana syndromes are largely based on a synthesis of Dr. Richard Tan’s Balance Method and Classical Chinese Medicine. The Balance Method is absolutely at the core of each of these treatments.

As a Balance practitioner, you are specifically qualified to understand and apply the material in Marijuana Syndromes in your clinical practice in several ways that distinguish you from other acupuncturists:

You can understand the logic of the treatment systems and many aspects of marijuana syndrome diagnostics. In the acupuncture section of the book, I ask the reader who is not familiar with the Balance Method to learn it before s/he proceeds.

As a Balance practitioner, you can appreciate what this means and the extent of this study. Since you already understand and utilize the Balance Method, your knowledge and experience will give you at least 1-2 years of advantage over practitioners who have no exposure to it. Therefore, Balance practitioners are the initial preferred group of acupuncturists to understand and treat the marijuana syndromes in a systematic and professional way.

My current media projects are releasing material to the general public that helps marijuana users to understand the value of using Traditional Chinese Medicine to balance and optimize the effects of cannabis. There is already a very substantial community of these people who are actively searching for practitioners all around the US and the world who understand and can work with the marijuana syndromes. I want to refer these people to you.

Please join me in serving the ever-expanding cannabis community by becoming familiar with and proficient in treating marijuana syndromes. This is an exceptional time and opportunity to expand our personal practices and profession into this new and vital area of expertise.

Thank you for your consideration,

John Mini M.S.C.M./ L.Ac.

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