What Are The Negative Effects of Marijuana?

Marijuana’s Adaptogenic First Strike

Most of the negative effects of marijuana come from long-term overuse of the drug. But whenever a person takes take marijuana at a level of intensity that over rides his/her body’s ability to cope with it, the negative effects will begin.

Although there is a general progression that these negative effects will take in a normal healthy person, many people don’t start out that way. Many people are compromised in some area of their physiology and/or psychology. This weak link in the chain is exactly where marijuana strikes first. In this respect, marijuana can become an anti-adaptogen as soon as it’s abused.

The Bad News and The Good News

An adaptogen is a substance that you take and your body will automatically send it to the place in your body that can most benefit from it. When marijuana is abused, it becomes exactly the opposite. At that time, it goes to the place that needs it the least and that’s where it begins doing its damage.

This is really bad news for the person who abuses marijuana, but good news for the clinician who knows how to treat it. This is because the marijuana waves a big red flag to tell you exactly where to go and what to do in your treatment.

So what are the negative effects of marijuana? It will totally depend on a person’s physiology, psychology and how s/he uses or abuses him/her self with it.

Marijuana's just like any other substance. If a person abuses it, it will harm him/her. The more they do it and the longer they do it for, the more damage it's going to do, unless they do something to balance it out. The more compromised a person is on any level, the more the marijuana's going to get them right in that area of compromise.

Keeping the Effects of Marijuana Positive

The name of the game if people want to keep their relationship with marijuana positive is to do everything they can to balance how they use it. Never abuse marijuana and it won't turn into a problem.

Even the ways that we language all of this marijuana talk are really important. How dumb is it to talk about abusing marijuana? Marijuana doesn't care what you’re doing with it! People do not abuse marijuana. People abuse themselves with marijuana, so let's get real.

Marijuana’s Most Tragic Effect?

The negative effects of marijuana get more intense and weirder the more a person has taken it and the longer s/he has taken it for.

Is there a single "most negative effect" of marijuana? I would say that there's a most tragic effect. This most tragic effect is that marijuana often masks its side effects to the people who use it. People who use and abuse marijuana frequently don't understand what's happening to them.

The second most tragic effect is that very often marijuana inflates people's sense of ego. They feel good about themselves and their actions even when it's not appropriate. This can easily go to the level of self-righteous behaviors and attitudes, an absolute and long-standing hallmark of marijuana society wherever it occurs.

When you combine the first most tragic effect of marijuana with the second, you get a truly evil brew. You get these very self-righteous people doing crazy things to themselves and others, feeling great about themselves and their actions, and nobody can help them because they don't understand what's going on.

Staying in Communication

This is why I really advocate two things if people are going to take marijuana:

1) Balance the marijuana however they can, and

2) Stay in regular communication with a group of friends, especially friends that don't take marijuana. If all of a person’s friends take marijuana, then there's a very good chance that they’ll all go unconscious together on the very issues that are most important to stay awake on.

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