Summary on Balancing Marijuana

Is it OK to take marijuana?

How would I sum all this up in a nutshell?

Sooner or later, every long-term marijuana user I know has come to me with the same question: Is it OK to take marijuana?

I want to be truthful with you. There’s no habit that won’t have a long-term effect on a person and his/her health.

Marijuana has effects and side effects that come from its nature. They influence anyone who takes marijuana in very specific and predictable ways if they use marijuana on an ongoing basis and don’t do anything to balance it.

People Can Choose Their Relationship With Marijuana

Marijuana can help people or it can hurt them. Which way it goes depends on how they use it. If they can learn the natural qualities of marijuana and know themselves, their motivations and their goals they can make more intelligent and informed choices about the relationship they form with it.

The good news is that they can take steps to balance marijuana’s side effects over time. Whatever steps they take, I hope what I’ve said here will help you to help them discover that path for themselves.

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