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Courageous, Clinically Accurate and 'Politically Incorrect'

"Our society's authentic need to legalize marijuana on a social level should not divert us from thoroughly examining the consequences of cannabis misuse and abuse. Marijuana Syndromes by John Mini is a courageous, clinically accurate and 'politically incorrect' book to this effect. After 45 years of observing the effects of marijuana on the body-emotional-astral- mental- spiritual levels from a clinical perspective, I am amazed to find a book that so accurately describes the full extent of the range of the marijuana syndromes. This book is a must read for any serious health practitioner and anyone working in the drug field."

Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H), N.D., Diplomat in Ayurveda, Diplomat of the American Board of Holistic Medicine, D.D. DIrector of the Tree of Life Center, U.S. and the Tree of Life Foundation

A Monumental Piece of Work

“Mr. Mini has toiled in the laboratory of sense-making and experience to assemble a monumental piece of work for those who seek to come to terms with one of humanity's oldest pastimes: pot. In an age that is continually redefining this plant as medicine, recreation, income, patent, and so on, a work like this takes on even greater importance. Shouldn't people know a bit about what they are smoking, eating, or otherwise consuming...and legislating? There's enough information in these pages to challenge your long held matter what they are...or were before you read.

Kudos for even attempting such a job!”

K. P. Rose, L.Ac.  (California, USA)


“ This book has already helped in counseling my patients with chronic pain. The clinical aspect is remarkable and well researched for my purposes.”

Caitlin R. Dilli  (Littleton, CO USA)

A Great Reference to be Used in These Times...

“ A fascinating trip into the effects of this drug on humans. This is the most complete work I have seen to date. John Mini has a deep knowledge of how this drug affects not only the body, but also the mind and spirit of our patients. The combinations of points used in acupuncture show a depth of understanding beyond any I've seen. I also really liked the different herb combinations which can be used to help balance the system. The usage of herbs in this fashion shows stellar wisdom and there are many gems here to be gleaned. A great reference to be used in these times of increased cannabis usage.”

Josh Piagentini, L.Ac. (California, USA)


A Wake-Up Call to Western Medicine

If you read this book, you will understand more about Marijuana as a medicine than 99% of the people out there who consider themselves experts on the topic. Remarkable.

Dr. John Mini, has accomplished quite a feat in Marijuana Syndromes, having written the first comprehensive overview of marijuana from the stand point of Chinese ever be published, based on 30 years of clinical experience and many years of researching the use of marijuana in ancient systems of medicine.

This book may in fact be regarded historically as the most complete public health statement on marijuana to have ever been written from the perspective of alternative medicine.

This guy knows more about Marijuana than anybody I have ever read.

The fact that such a compendium has not existed until now, despite so many exaggerated claims and conflicting studies about medical marijuana….is actually startling, given that as many as 30 million Americans use marijuana and that 50% of Americans in a recent poll, felt marijuana should be legalized.

While the book should be required reading for students of Chinese Medicine…really any advocate, activist or law enforcement person who “thinks” they know Marijuana should read this book. They will find out they knew about half what they should.

Marijuana Syndromes begins with the best  documented overview I have come across  of marijuana through the perspectives of native cultures and medicinal systems and how they regarded cannabis as a medicine for various ailments, and as a harm when used recreationally or outside of rather strict medicinal protocols.

As a practicing Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Mini’s standpoint is that western medicine, MD’s, advocates and medical cannabis patients who think they know what marijuana can do -  actually have almost zero understanding about how Marijuana acts on our bodies and minds over long periods of time. Further that this ignorance actually means that most patients and users are squandering the benefits they could reap from marijuana…by using it incorrectly.

Western Medicine has evidently failed the test. It is true that no Western doctor who recommends or prescribes marijuana to patients tells them about contra-indications or warning signs of over-use today.

Can we think of any other class of drug, medication or pain killer in the world where you can get a prescription to use as much as you want - without any guidance, recommendations on dosage or side-affects and contra-indications?


Mini’s work offers an important corrective to the situation. This book alone could educate the entire western medical ensemble of doctor’s who are recommending marijuana, enabling them to guide their patients towards the best way to use it while maximizing benefits and mitigating harms. Due to a lack of understanding, currently the opposite is happening.

The truth is that Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda have been working with cannabis as a medicine for many thousands of years...and are in a much better position to comment on marijuana's health benefits, downsides, treatment protocols, correct use...than western medicine. In addition, there is every indication that people who are using medical cannabis would be more likely to seek and respond to alternative medicine as a demographic preference.

The first part of the book is excellent for lay people, academics, policy makers, researchers and cannabis users, given that it seeks to look at historical, social, spiritual and medicinal aspects of marijuana through ancient cultures and how marijuana has been used as a medicine in Taoism, Hinduism and Shamanism.

My favorite reference in the book, which encapsulates the major theme of Mini’s research, is the Mexican Shamans who refer to Marijuana as part “Virgin Mary” and part “Whore.” Meaning that Marijuana’s dual nature is encapsulated in its name. When used correctly it can act as beneficently as Mother Mary. When used incorrectly it quickly has the opposite effect and becomes a Juana …”Prostitute” over time.

Dr. William Courtney has substantiated this finding by noting in his own studies that the right amount of cannabis may produce a euphoric effect, while going just over this amount creates the opposite..a dysphoric effect.

Ayurveda has expressed a very similar conception of cannabis. According to Ayurveda, in the right amount it can produce health benefits for very specific conditions. Going over the right amount, particularly with prolonged use, is sure to create long term harms, and to use it incorrectly is considered a  "A crime against wisdom."

The second part of the book is intended for practitioners of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturists and other healthcare workers who understand and/or aspire to understand the technical language of Traditional Chinese medicine ...detailing the nodes and meridians, organs and tissues on which marijuana works and how they can be brought into balance through acupuncture and related treatments.  Given the reality of the situation and our population's use of marijuana, this book should be required reading for every Western Doctor who writes recommendations for cannabis so they can get a real education on how marijuana works in the body and on the organs and tissues of people taking it - and how to educate the patients to whom they are writing a recommendation for proper use. Secondly, this book should be read by students of Chinese Medicine who will likely be a better resource for treating such patients and are probably in a better position to be working on those taking marijuana than any other group of health practitioners in the country.

I'm quite confident this text will be considered the "classic" on marijuana's health potentials someday.

Ashir Pandey, Cannabis Advocate and Activist, San Francisco, California

“As someone who has had a fair amount of professional experience with members of the cannabis community, I’m very impressed with Dr. Mini’s observations and understandings of this group of people. It’s about time that somebody has stood up and told the truth about the effects of marijuana and what to do about them, rather than just going with the flow of what people want to believe.

As a movement therapist, I find the descriptions and uses of the acupuncture points that he describes to be some of the most insightful therapeutic keys that I’ve ever encountered. Mini views the world as the ancient Chinese did: as patterns of movement. When breaks or disruptions in this flow of natural movement occur, pathology is the result. Mini’s articulation of the functions of the points on every level- physical, emotional mental, psychological and spiritual- is a complete revelation regarding the use of acupuncture points and meridians. As a non-acupuncturist, this has opened up an entirely new world for me.”

Alicia Rypma, Gyrotonic Master Trainer, Marin County, California

“As a bodywork professional with fifteen years of experience in holistic health and wellness, I've been exposed to ancient knowledge and cutting edge training in a multitude of physiological, psychological and spiritual practices. Before reading John Mini's Marijuana Syndromes, the delicate terrain of Marijuana's effects on my clients was in large part a mystery. Mini's comprehensive understanding and intricate articulation of the diagnostic tools and treatment protocols for this powerful medicine is nothing short of profound.

For anyone who treats clients that use cannabis, there is simply no better source material to explore and heal the side effects it creates. This is a wake up call for those who purport no side effects exist. Anything that has an effect has a side effect. This truth is unavoidable. In Marijuana Syndromes, every facet of cannabis, including positive and negative impacts on the human organism, cultural misunderstandings and the complex energy matrix necessary to balance and optimize the effects of its use are presented like never before.”

Ryan Scott Seaman, Bodywork Astrology, Venice CA

“Drug use among teenagers is an epidemic and as a parent of two teenage children Marijuana Syndromes is an eye opening, informative, easy to read book highlighting the very real dangers of use in young adults.

Written in a style that is non-biased the book is divided into two parts. The first is applicable to the non-practitioner and provides a step by step account of the history of Marijuana, the Marijuana industry, the pros and cons of medical and recreational use and most importantly the physical, psychological and spiritual effects of this drug.

This book has provided me with valuable insight into the issues associated with use among teenagers. It has also provided guidelines of various side effects to look for and has given me a knowledgeable platform to communicate with them in an educated manner regarding the associated problems.

This book is a must read for parents, educators, counselors, young adults or any person interested in extending their knowledge and gaining a thorough understanding of Marijuana. It would be a valuable resource for all high schools and colleges and I highly recommend it to parents with teenagers. If you are concerned enough about Marijuana use in your teenagers then you can easily find the time to read this fascinating and useful guide.

Dr. Mini is a pioneer in his field and this book is of utmost importance. Carefully researched and backed up with thirty years of clinical experience, this groundbreaking comprehensive guide is without question the most important and significant material that the medical and alternative establishment has had to date.”

Carolyn Boboff (California)


“ I am not trying to stroke your ego when I say that I believe this to be one of the most important books of our time. It has certainly and deeply changed my perspective. Your compassionate spirit shines through, page after page.

Reading the text was very insightful for me, as I saw myself, at various stages of my journey, being described again and again. I was disturbed to learn of the depth of my imbalance, but also encouraged to realize how much worse it can get. I know people that fit some of the deepest and darkest syndromes that you present.

I was headed for some serious problems, since pot smoking was legalized here (Washington State) last fall, and weed has become cheap and abundant. Couple this with misconceptions about the medicinal value of the plant, and you get a potentially disastrous situation. I was "using" it to treat the very issues that it was actually causing.

I have been a pothead for twenty years. I had trouble in high school related to pot. I had serious legal trouble in my twenties related to pot. Only now, having read your book, particularly the section on the non-physical effects, do I realize how strongly pot has shaped my life. I am amazed that I have accomplished anything!

The syndromes that I resonated with have shifted already, since I have not been smoking all day, every day. This book is a truly valuable guide on the path to balance. I greatly appreciate your open heart and non-judgmental attitude. These are the kind of genuine healing forces that the world needs. “

M.A. (Olympia, Washington)


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