The Physical Effects of
Marijuana Poison

If a patient demonstrates one or more of these symptoms and signs, marijuana poison may be exerting physical effects:

Damage from Hot Poison

If a person keeps taking marijuana without balancing it, or if s/he is highly compromised to begin with and is also taking marijuana, sooner or later s/he may lose the ability to cope with its poison.

An Upside Down Adaptogen

The heat, spice and poison of unbalanced marijuana can slowly creep into every part of the body over time, beginning with the weakest areas first.

A Compound Problem

As the toxic build up increases, the functions of the organs may also decrease and begin to create toxic waste of their own. This can lead to a build up of hot poisonous caches of both the poison that comes directly from the marijuana plus these toxic waste products.

Treatments and Therapies

Qi Gong

Acupuncture and Herbal Treatments

The Marijuana Syndromes

This is only a brief synopsis of my findings. For extensive details on my research and how to balance and optimize the effects of cannabis using Traditional Chinese Medicine, please refer to

Marijuana Syndromes
How to Balance and Optimize
the Effects of Cannabis
With Traditional Chinese Medicine