The Physical Effects of Marijuana on the Digestive System

If a patient demonstrates one or more of these symptoms and signs, marijuana may be exerting physical effects on her/his digestive system:

Digestive Fluids

Unbalanced marijuana can harm the digestive system over time by drying up a person’s digestive fluids.

Heat in the Digestion

If somebody takes marijuana without balancing it, it can create pathogenic heat in the digestion, and confuse the function of the Middle Jiao, or overall digestive abilities.

Munchies and Rushes

Munchies and rushes happen for three main reasons:

1) The warm to hot, drying and dispersive nature of marijuana dries up the digestive fluids.

2) The spice and poison of unbalanced marijuana can confuse the Middle Jiao and compromise the integrity of the spleen system. The body will do anything to normalize the spleen system to get back in balance. Eating is the quickest way to do it.

3) The body wants to dilute and antidote marijuana’s poison. The fastest way to do that is by eating and drinking, hence the munchies and cottonmouth.


The heat, expansion and dispersion that unbalanced marijuana can create may throw the entire digestive function off over time, and can eventually dry out the full length of the digestive tract.

This can slowly compromise the functions and movement of the intestines.

Test: Can the patient express a bowel movement without taking cannabis?

Manufacturing Qi

The way the digestion functions dictates many of the ambient feelings that run through a person as s/he goes through the day.

When the digestion gets congested, nothing else seems right.

Treatments and Therapies

Qi Gong

Acupuncture and Herbal Treatments

The Marijuana Syndromes


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A link has been found between state recreational marijuana legalization and increased consumption of certain high-calorie foods, suggesting there may be something more substantial to the urban myth of “the munchies.”

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The act of touching relates very much to the earth system, and yet the qualities of touch can be influenced by any phase. People often report that their sense of touch is more exciting and sensual when they’re stoned. This quality indicates that the Jing is activated and infusing the person’s perceptions with its essence and intentions.

Another very common effect is the perception of increased heaviness to objects, which relates very much to earth. The sensation of tingling at the fingertips is also bound with earth via the regulation of peripheral vasculature. An enhanced sense of taste also clearly falls into this category, as does the characteristic craving for sweets. Also notably earthy is an enhanced ability to discriminate tastes, sometimes even to the point of being able to locate specific receptor areas on the tongue...

One of the most characteristic effects of marijuana is the tendency to get easily sidetracked , which is a clear disturbance of the Yi...

Could a loss of balance with a person’s endocannabinoid system lead to predictable behaviors, including the use of cannabis? Consider that in adolescents overeating, with or without loss of control, predicts the onset of marijuana and other drug use...

Turns out, the munchies are mediated through neurons in the brain that normally suppress appetite...

Marijuana may provide relief for diabetic neuropathy pain , but it would be prudent to be very careful with both short and long-term dosages, and monitor blood sugar levels with a keen eye to determine whether the cannabis is helping the diabetes, harming it, or neither...

This is only a brief synopsis of my findings. For extensive details on my research and how to balance and optimize the effects of cannabis using Traditional Chinese Medicine, please refer to

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