The Non-Physical Effects of Marijuana on the Kidney and Jing Sexual Essence Systems

If a patient demonstrates one or more of these symptoms and signs, marijuana may be exerting non-physical effects on her/his Kidney and Jing Sexual Essence systems:

Many Spirals

Rising and falling ideals.

Beyond Limitations


Receiving energy from the world, the universe and the divine.

Eternal here and now.

Deep sense of awe and reverence for universal truth.

Acceptance of the incomprehensible.

Rest in a deep and natural trust.

Abandons her/himself and fate to life's mystery.

Expanding beyond all limitations.

Rooting her/himself in the cosmic flow of being from the center of her/his universe.

Fear and Need

Becomes the center of the universe in her/his mind.


Wants to feel important.

Wants to feel safe.

May believe that other people, energies or life forms are out to get or oppress her/him.

Fears the unknown.

Avoids fear at all costs.

Depressions without any discernable causes or timing.

Sex and the Dark Side

Loses wonder and respect.

Loses the power to evolve and grow.



Aura of an explosive and dangerous violence.

Attracts sinister characters and situations.

Closed down.


Unable to deal with people.

Aren’t able to look others in the eye.

Are cool on the outside, but can fly into hateful and dangerous rages if s/he doesn’t get what s/he wants when s/he wants it.

Acts out violence through sex.

Couples sexual intensity with a sense of finality.

Acts as if each moment could be her/his last.

Strict Conformity and the Esoteric

Rigid conformist.


Regards her/his system, whatever it is, above everything and everyone.

Calls her/himself 'spiritual' and makes sure that everybody knows it.


Tries to get everybody and everything around to conform to her/his system.

On the outside they appear to be angels of empathy, kindness and caring.

Their spirituality breaks down when they face the real world.

Loss of Interest and Beautiful Schemes

Loses energy and interest in sex and everything else.

Wants to curl up and stay warm, get nourished, read and daydream empty fantasies.

Indulges in elaborate, beautiful and impossible schemes.

Believes that everything is on the cusp of coming together because of some magical benevolent force that loves them.

When their fantasies don’t come true, their world turns disappointing and dark.

More and more paranoid.


Discovers data and actual ‘proof’ of a sinister web of malevolent intentions, wrongdoers and an establishment where they are innocent, helpless and victimized.

Instead of understanding that it’s their own energy, they think it’s the world.

A Window of Genius

Knows everything about everything.

Posture falls apart.

By this time s/he has usually slipped out of society's groove enough to have a unique and valuable perspective on the world.

When the Jing runs down and gets depleted, these people tend to experience a complete burn out of everything in life.

Special Powers

Special powers, but only for a short time.

Seeing into the future.

Going into shamanic trances.

Discovering a deeper purpose in life.

Loss of Will

Slipping out of time.

New levels of paranoia.



Impotence on every level.

No visions of the future.

Existence loses all forward movement.

Profoundly skeptical.


Blames everyone but themselves for their failures.

The Good Life

Searching for an easy way out, 'the good life.'

Can’t follow through with tasks because of her/his fears.

Total stagnation.

Wants sex but may not be able to do it.

Very dull.

Little physical strength, no matter how much they train or exercise.

Visions of Superiority

Visions of superiority.

Left-brain: logical thought is everything.

Right-brain: intuition is everything

Uniting with Cosmic Forces

Personal will seems to unite with cosmic and/or historical forces.

Destiny is revealed.

Transcending past limitations.

Tripping out on the teeth.

Feels like bones are melting or crumbling to powder.

Obsessed with death and feels that death is stalking her/him.

Survival of the Fittest

Brutal oppressors.

Self-serving predators with no values or compassion.

Ideals of individualism and survival of the fittest.


Ultimate us-against-them battle played out in the world around them.

Treatments and Therapies

Qi Gong

Acupuncture and Herbal Treatments

The Marijuana Syndromes

This is only a brief synopsis of my findings. For extensive details on my research and how to balance and optimize the effects of cannabis using Traditional Chinese Medicine, please refer to

Marijuana Syndromes
How to Balance and Optimize
the Effects of Cannabis
With Traditional Chinese Medicine


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Charles Tart’s research indicates that, “ The most characteristic effect of marijuana intoxication is an auditory one. ” This would indicate a tendency for cannabis to head into the realm of water. Indeed, a number of acupuncturists have indicated to me that they have witnessed the immediate effects of marijuana going straight to the kidney level.

In my clinical experience, I have observed, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, that cannabis tends to follow an adaptogenic path that leads straight to the area in a person that is the most compromised and could use the most attention. In many people this will pertain to the kingdom of water. In addition, with chronic users there will tend to be a trending of symptoms, signs and pathology toward the kidney arena because this is the tendency of any chronic issue.

Tart also describes another effect that I have witnessed in cannabis-using people all over the world: many people can understand the meanings of songs when they are high that they can’t understand otherwise. This clearly relates to the meaning dimension of the water system.

He also describes how moderate users are more frequently associated with understanding the words of songs than heavy users. Although he struggles to explain this in his report, my clinical assessment of this phenomenon is that it is consistent with the general loss of comprehension that follows from Jing depletion in heavy cannabis users.

Click here for an excellent description and study on cannabis’ effects on the perception of time and the eternal here and now effect.

Special powers sometimes fall into the category of ESP and/or paranormal phenomena, and are widely reported during specific phases of the cannabis experience.

Another very common effect is a sense of deep empathy and understanding of others. Other effects include a sense of profundity and fascination with the subject at hand and the phenomenon of the contact high, all of which relate to a watery opening of boundaries in the sense of self...

"I give little or no thought to the future; I'm completely in the here-and-now ."

" Prolonged fantasies , enriched with spectacular imagery and intensely absorbing, often seeming as real as nocturnal dreams or life itself, are a main pleasure of marijuana intoxication when the user indulges in them...”

"I feel more childlike, more open to experience of all kinds, more filled with wonder and awe at the nature of things..."

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This is only a brief synopsis of my findings. For extensive details on my research and how to balance and optimize the effects of cannabis using Traditional Chinese Medicine, please refer to

Marijuana Syndromes
How to Balance and Optimize
the Effects of Cannabis
With Traditional Chinese Medicine