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The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Treating Marijuana Syndromes: A Zen Approach

Going Deeper

Learning From the Masters

Why Am I Doing This?

Who Am I and What Do I Know About Marijuana That You Don’t Already Know?

Many Threads, One Fabric

What’s in This For You

At Least 3 Benefits

Marijuana is a Very Important Issue for Acupuncturists

You Have More Power Than You May Realize

Many People Don’t Know That Marijuana Has Side Effects

Acupuncturists and Herbalists Are First to Learn

The Marijuana Industry

Marijuana is a Big, Big, BIG Issue

The Marijuana Economy

A Culture of Denial

Acupuncture, Herbs and the Marijuana Wave

Where We Stand in the Big Picture

We’re Ready!

The Numbers, the Wonderful Numbers

Marijuana Evangelism and Self-Preservation

Respecting Choices and Cultivating Wisdom

Marijuana is a Fact in Our World

This is Not About Treating an Addiction

A Different Approach

Research In The Real World

Our Subject is Vast

A Different Kind of Research

The Value of Anecdotal Insights

A New, Compassionate, Inclusive Medical Science


A Note on My Biases

Sample Bias

A Perfect Subject for TCM

Treating Our Ancient Future



Empowering Our Practice With History

Marijuana BC:

Marijuana in Ancient China and Beyond

Marijuana AD:

Marijuana and the Old World

Marijuana and Medicine:

Expansion From the Old World to the New

Recent History:

The Components of Marijuana and Research Conflicts

Marijuana Specifics:

A Mixed Picture Emerges

Marijuana Research Mimics Popular Research Trends

Medical Marijuana Pros and Cons

The Great Debate

The Debate Around Medical Marijuana

Marijuana Economics

The Current Trend is Similar to Food Supplements

and Pharmaceuticals

Marijuana Falls Between

Freedom, Wisdom and Responsibility

What are the Benefits of Medical Marijuana?

Marijuana Use, Marijuana Abuse and Medical Marijuana

Marijuana Makes You Feel Good

What is Medical Marijuana?

Medical Marijuana and Good Medicine

We Need Good Physicians

Marijuana-Related and

Marijuana-Like Pharmaceuticals

Knowing the Industry

Pharmacological Potentials and Investments

The So-Called Debate Over Medical Marijuana

Marijuana as Microcosm

The Pro Side

My Perspective

The Con Side

My Perspective

The Current System Has Many Problems

Look to the Physicians

Are MDs the Best Gatekeepers for Medical Marijuana?

Where’s the Problem?

What is a Drug?

Marijuana is Powerful Medicine

What is Overuse?

The Good News

To Use or Not to Use?

Marijuana Isn’t a Panacea

The Uses of Marijuana in Traditional Medicine Systems

What Were the Traditional Uses of Marijuana?

Marijuana and Traditional Medicine Systems

Marijuana and the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing

Marijuana the Grain

The Superior Class

The Schism Begins

Seeing Ghosts and Opening the Spirit Light

A Deeper Look at Ma Fen

Current Perceptions and Cultural Taboos

Opium Wars, Herbal Poetics and The Birth of Huo Ma

The Opium Wars

The Birth of Huo Ma

The Poetics of Herbal Lore

A Wise and Protective Force

Cannabis Bad

Shamans and Magic Hemp Wands

The Shaman and Society

From Shamans to Doctors

Many Cultures, One Influence

Marijuana and Taoism

Marijuana and Hinduism


Change the Context, Change the Results

When We Feel Good, It’s For a Reason

A Simple Rule

Marijuana and Mexican Shamanism

The Shamanic Nature of Marijuana

But If You Don’t Balance It...

Skunk Medicine

Sexual Betrayal

The Black and White Energy

A Feminine Energetic Quality

The Name Marijuana

Marijuana and Malinche

The Secret of Marijuana

Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug?

Marijuana: The Great Gateway Drug

Marijuana and New Age Shamans

The Sacred Herb

Changing Our Point of View

Psychoactive Sacrament

Keeping it Positive

A Lack of Guidance and Ritual Payment

Side Effects Come From Unbalanced Relationships

Power Has Two Sides

Balance in the Gateway

People Are Looking For Answers

Back Through the Gateway

Marijuana and Possession

Traditional Medicine and Possession

Marijuana is Just a Part of the Picture

A Variety of Models

The Possession Model Has Some Distinct Advantages

Marijuana Use and Marijuana Abuse

Marijuana as a Catalyst

Marijuana as an Aggravating Factor

Marijuana is One of Many Factors

Belief and Possession

Many Viewpoints

A Case Study of Marijuana and Possession?

Experimentation and Adhering to Traditional Guidelines

A Call For Clarity on the Classification of Marijuana


The Physical Effects of Marijuana

What are the Side Effects of Marijuana?

Marijuana’s Side Effects Increase Over Time

Side Effects Happen If There’s No Balance

Marijuana Takes a Definite Progression

What are the Side Effects of Smoking Marijuana?

The Damage Hits Where the Smoke Goes

Shocking and Drying Out the Brain

Cottonmouth and the Oral Mucosa

Vessels of the Heart

Smoking vs. Eating Marijuana

Timing and Quality

Raw Cannabis

What are the Effects of Marijuana Use?

Marijuana’s Effects are Mixed Over Time

Marijuana and Decision Making

Focus on the End Result

Seeing Through the Effects of Marijuana

The Most Important Thing About Marijuana and Health

What are the Physical Effects of Marijuana?

A Catalogue of Marijuana’s Effects

Marijuana’s Dynamic Nature

Marijuana and Misdiagnosis

What are the Long-Term Effects of Marijuana?

The 3 Main Factors of Marijuana’s Long-Term Effects

Marijuana’s Most Negative Long-Term Effect

What are the Short-Term Effects of Marijuana?

Marijuana’s Short-Term Health Issues

Defining Marijuana’s Short-Term Effects

Becoming the Medicine

Letting Marijuana’s Immediate Effects Work For You

What are the Negative Effects of Marijuana?

Marijuana’s Adaptogenic Nature

The Good News and The Bad News

Keeping the Effects of Marijuana Positive

Marijuana’s Most Tragic Effect?

Staying in Communication

The Dangers of Marijuana

Marijuana and Reefer Madness

Marijuana and the Dramatic Art

Marijuana and Pressure

Getting Stoned for the First Time

We Have a Greater Range of Choices Now

Marijuana and Pressure Revisited

Pulling Back the Veil on Long-Term Dangers

Mastering the Process

Is There Anything That Marijuana Benefits?

Marijuana’s Benefits vs. Marijuana’s Side Effects

Marijuana: Effects and Side Effects

Using Marijuana Intelligently

What Are The Positive Effects of Marijuana?

Marijuana’s Positive Lure

Who Might Benefit From Taking Marijuana

Marijuana Can Treat Some Cold and Wet Conditions

It’s Better With Balance

Finding Alternatives to Marijuana

Putting Marijuana in Context

Marijuana is Usually Not a Preferred Treatment Option

Exceptions to the Rule

Marijuana and Nausea

Marijuana, Nausea and Pregnancy

More on Marijuana and Pregnancy

Marijuana and Babies

Marijuana and the Developing Fetus

Marijuana Can Take Away What the Baby Needs

Marijuana and Breastfeeding

Marijuana and Breast Milk

Marijuana Can Irritate the Baby

Marijuana May Congest Milk Production

Marijuana Can Confuse the Baby’s Digestion

Marijuana Can Harm the Sleep of the Mother and the Baby

Marijuana May Harm the Baby’s Growth and Keep the Mother From Regenerating

Marijuana’s Not Good for the Mother or the Baby

Specific Issues for Marijuana and Women

Yin and Blood

Marijuana and Aging

Marijuana and Girls

Marijuana, Girls and Adolescence

Marijuana and Menstruation

Marijuana and Adult Women

Marijuana, Women and Relationships

Getting Butch

Marijuana and Menopause

Marijuana and the Crone

Staying in Balance

Marijuana and Men

The Paradox of Marijuana and Men

Marijuana and Accomplishment

Marijuana and Yang Energy

An Impotent Trap

Marijuana and Impotence

The Turn on of Marijuana

Stimulating Circulation and Sexual Fluids

Marijuana, Men and Feminization

The Best of Both Worlds

Marijuana and Sex

Living in the Moment

Heating Up the Jing

Passing on the Jing

Marijuana as an Aphrodisiac

What is a True Aphrodisiac?

Designer Aphrodisiacs

Something New, Wew Hew

The True Aphrodisiac

Marijuana and Hormonal Changes

Marijuana’s Effects are Gender Specific

The Jing-Squandered Male

It’s Different for Women

Hormones and Jing

Marijuana and Childhood Sexual Development

Marijuana and Jing


Marijuana Can Affect the Jing

Burning Out

Marijuana and Premature Aging

Can Unbalanced Marijuana Induce Aging?

A Comparison of Marijuana’s Effects and Aging

Marijuana, Pharmaceutical and Alternative Therapies

Marijuana Poison

Marijuana and Pain Relief

Marijuana, Pain and Alternative Therapies

A Potential Problem with Using Marijuana for Pain

The Marijuana Syndromes

What Are The Marijuana Syndromes?

Searching For Patterns

Non-Linear Maps Of Processes

Vital Clues

Diagnosing Marijuana Syndromes

Zones of Qualities

Think of a Bowl of Soup

Enhance the Positive and Reduce the Negative

Cannabinoid Insufficiency Disorder

A Tangible Polarity

A Very Unexpected Solution

CID, CCD and Long-Term Solutions

A Summary of Cannabinoid Insufficiency Disorder

The Physical Effects of Marijuana on the Lung System

Depletes Qi

Lung Fluids

Thin Fluids

Lung Yin


Hot Poison in the Lungs

Respiratory Issues

Immune Function

Confusing the Wei Qi

The Physical Effects of Marijuana

on the Digestive System

Digestive Fluids

Heat in the Digestion

Munchies and Rushes


Manufacturing Qi

The Physical Effects of Marijuana Poison

Damage from Hot Poison

An Upside-Down Adaptogen

A Compound Problem

The Physical Effects of Marijuana

on the Heart and Blood Systems

The Foundation of Mind and Spirit

Two Out of Three Sources of Qi

Blood Deficiency

Effects on the Skin

Effects on Menstruation and the Heart System

Confusion of the Vessels and Bloodshot Eyes

First-Level Alterations in Memory

The Physical Effects of Marijuana on the Liver System

Burning Out the Blood

Feeling Dizzy

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Coordinating Processes

Effects on Women

Effects on Men

Compulsive Behaviors

Physical Addiction to Marijuana


The Physical Effects of Marijuana on the Kidney and Jing Sexual Essence Systems

Long-Term Cycles and the Realm of the Kidney

Kidney Qi, Yin and Yang

Jing Sexual Essence

An Unconscious Process

Fear and Paranoia

Loss of Memory

From Funny to Fearful

Speedy or Sleepy

Slow Motion

The Non-Physical Effects of Marijuana

Marijuana and Shen

Technique is Critical

The Physical Effects of Marijuana on Shen

Marijuana Taxes the Blood

Marijuana, Shen, the Brain and Nervous System

Working With the Spirit of Marijuana

Marijuana, Phlegm and Perceptions

Burning Out

The Ritual of Marijuana

Marijuana Induced Stress Trauma, or MIST

Marijuana and Restlessness

Zero Motivation in the Presence of Danger

Marijuana Induced Stress Trauma

Passivity and Helplessness

Taking Back the Energy

Our Feedback Systems Exist For Very Good Reasons

The Non-Physical Effects of Marijuana

on the Lung System

Beautiful Visions

Awareness of the Breath

A Loss of Power

Worry and Retreat

Excitement and Celebration


A Need to Win

Clinging to the Known

Refining Individuality

Breaking and Testing Bonds

Lost in the Maze

The Non-Physical Effects of Marijuana

on the Digestive System

Going for the Gusto

The Tyrant

A Different Kind of Hunger

Losing Ability

Losing Weight and Climbing

Keeping it Together

The Non-Physical Effects of Marijuana Poison

The World Seems Toxic

The Seat of the Mind

Getting Silly

Increased Sexuality

Weird and Scary

Confusion of Giving and Taking



The Non-Physical Effects of Marijuana on the Heart and Blood Systems

The Fire of the Heart

Sacred Fire and Creative Expression

Loss of Dreams

Depression and Withdrawal

Feeling Inadequate and Clumsy

A Primal Awakening

Memory Loss

A Potential Breakthrough

Incessant Talking


The Appearance of Love

Followers of the Status Quo

Seeking Approval and Editing Personal History

No Warmth, Seeking Others

Guilty Feelings

A Draw to Black and White

The Non-Physical Effects of Marijuana

on the Liver System

Compassion in Action

A Path of Retreat

The Passive Rebel

Procrastination and Destruction

A Shroud of Ambivalence

No Way Out

An Aimless War

The Non-Physical Effects of Marijuana

on the Kidney and Jing Sexual Essence Systems

Many Spirals

Beyond Limitations

Fear and Need

Sex and the Dark Side

Strict Conformity and the Esoteric

Loss of Interest and Beatific Schemes

Disappointment and the Dark Web

A Window of Genius

Special Powers

Loss of Will

The Good Life

Visions of Superiority

Uniting With Cosmic Forces

Survival of the Fittest

Deeper Diagnostics

How Can You Tell if Somebody’s Taking Marijuana?

What are the Symptoms and Signs of Marijuana Use?

Short-Term Signs of Marijuana Use

Long-Term Signs of Marijuana Use

What is the Marijuana Pulse?

Other Diagnostics for Marijuana Syndromes

Levels of Energetic Penetration in Diagnosis

Facial Diagnostics


Other Diagnostics


Ethics in the Treatment of Marijuana Syndromes

Enabling Addiction With TCM

A Flurry of Accusations

Is This Work Ethical?

The Philosophical Question

What About the Legal Issues?



Do You Have Judgments Around the Issue of Marijuana?




Is Marijuana Addictive?

Desire, Compulsion and Addiction

Making You Into an Addict

Addiction or Devotion?

Attaining a State of Being

Dimensions of Addiction

Marijuana and Health

Balancing Marijuana

The Quest For Balance

Marijuana Use and Marijuana Abuse

Safety In The Treatment of Marijuana Syndromes

When Your Patients Should NEVER Take Marijuana

Responsible Use

Using and Abusing


Priority #1: Assess Volatility

The Most Dangerous Thing

The Main Rule

When to Refer

The Most Capable Practitioners In The World

Whom To Refer To

3 Potential Problems With Referring Your Patients

How Do We Treat This?

Some Things To Remember When Treating Marijuana Syndromes

Marijuana Pathogenesis And Treatment Radically Simplified

Balancing The Effects Of Marijuana

Balancing Marijuana with Accuracy

The Power is in Your Precision



Take Balance The Herb


Qi Gong


Use This Book Extensively

Other Suggestions

Treating Marijuana Syndromes With Acupuncture

Direct and Indirect Methods

Indirect Methods

Level 1

1.0 Meridian Therapy

1.1 Meridian Balance Method

1.2 Balance the Congestion Method

Level 2

The 4 Amazing Points Method

Three Real Life Examples

Level 3

Basic Marijuana Syndrome Balance Method

Two More Examples

Level 4

Totally Flexible Marijuana Syndrome Balance Method

Yet Another Example

Special Points and Point Combinations for Treating Marijuana Syndromes

Special Points on Special Points

The Three Factors




It’s a Good Idea to do Qi Gong

Yes, This is Esoteric


A Gift of Power

The Moral

A Team of Two Plus

Points Can be Activated or Reverse-Activated

Direct Methods

Malinalli Points

How to Find the Malinalli Points

Ghost Points

Distinguishing the Winds

A Note of Caution

Helpful Ghost Points

Points for Joiners (Entities)

Window of the Sky Points

The Eye System - Mu Xi

Points of the Eye System

Points of the Eye System in Detail

Further Confirmation and Some Suggestions Regarding the Eye System

Other Special Points

Poison Points in the Ears

Lung 7

Marijuana Lung 7

Bi Tong Line Points

Kidney Luo

Ear Brain Luo

Timing: Chronopuncture

Marijuana Mimicker Points

Shang Points

Chong Points

Quan Spring Points

Fluid Metabolism Points

Transporting or Shu Points

Jing Well Points

Ying Spring Points

Shu Stream Points

Jing River Points

He Sea Points

Points on the Urinary Bladder Channel

Important Fluid Metabolism Points

Water and the Hand Jue Yin Pericardium

Other Fluid Metabolism Points

Crooked Points

Liao Points

Lunar Points

Solar Points

Other Special Points for Use with

Marijuana Syndromes

Points for Specific Marijuana Syndromes

Treating the Physical Effects of Marijuana:

on the Lung System

on the Digestive System


on the Heart and Blood Systems

on the Liver System

on the Kidney and Jing Sexual Essence Systems

Treating the Physical Effects of Marijuana on Shen

Treating the Non-Physical Effects of Marijuana:

on the Lung System

on the Digestive System


on the Heart and Blood Systems

on the Liver System

on the Kidney and Jing Sexual Essence Systems

Treating Marijuana Syndromes With Herbs

Taking TCM to its Fullest Potential

Why Use Traditional Chinese Herbs?

The Power and the Safety of Chinese Medicine

Are In The Same Place

The Power


The Secret of Using Chinese Herbs

How You Prescribe Herbs Makes All the Difference

You Do

Your People Are Crying Out For You To Do It

Our Power is in Our Flexibility

How Many Kinds Of Cancer Are There?

Understanding Dynamic Relationships

Custom Formulae

The Truth

Be Flexible

Can You Use Classical Formulae to Treat Marijuana Syndromes?

Treating Marijuana Syndromes with Herbs

Studying Balance the Herb

Herbs to Avoid When Treating Marijuana Syndromes

How Are You Going To Treat Marijuana Syndromes

With Herbs?

Treating Marijuana Syndromes with Herbs

The Best Herbs to Use When Treating Marijuana Syndromes

New Ways to Use Foods and Herbs

The Issue of Concentration

Describing Qualities

The Ingredients of BTH

How Does Balance the Herb Do It?

29 Zen Lessons in Synergy

The Power of Synergy

Specific Herbal Formulae and Suggestions

for Individual Symptoms and Signs

Herbs for the Physical Effects of Marijuana:

on the Lung System

on the Digestive System


on the Heart and Blood Systems

on the Liver System

on the Kidney and Jing Sexual Essence Systems

on Shen

Herbs for the Non-Physical Effects of Marijuana:

on the Lung System

on the Digestive System


on the Heart and Blood Systems

on the Liver System

on the Kidney and Jing Sexual Essence Systems

Treating Marijuana Syndromes with Diet

Food and Diet are Natural Allies

7 General Tips For Treating Marijuana Syndromes With Diet


Hemp and Marijuana

Hemp and Humans

Hemp Today

Shelled Hemp Seed

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Protein

The List Goes On For Hemp

Going Deeper Into the Use of Foods in Treating Marijuana Syndromes

Flexibility and Adaptability

What is Food and What is Medicine?

A Note On the Use of Cheese

Suggestions For Culinary Adventures


Open Lung

Stuck Phlegm

Lung Qi

Clear Lung Heat


Clean Lung Poison

Lung/Large Intestine

Clean Throat




Nourish Lung

Moisten/Open Lung

Moisten Lung/Center

Moisten Lung/Brain/Vessels

Moisten Lung/Kidney

Moisten Lung/Clean Poison

Moisten Lung/Liver

Moisten Lung/Joints

Moisten Lung/Heart

Consolidate Surface

Cool Lung

Nourish Lung Yin

Generate Lung Yin


The Center

Cool/Nourish Center

Cool and Clean Center

Nourish Yin of Center

Nourish Stomach Yin

Nourish Oily Stomach Yin

Stomach Yin/Urine

Stomach Fluids

Order Central Yin

Support Pancreas Yin

Nourish Pancreas Yin

Nourish Pancreas Yin/Cool

Clean Pancreas

Pancreas/Liver Yin

Danger to Pancreas

Clear Stomach Heat

Generate Stomach Fluids

Slow Down Stomach

Order Stomach Yin

Generate Digestive Fluids

Clean Poison From the Stomach


Clean Poison

Clean Poison From the Blood

Clean Poison From the Head

Clean Hot Poison From the Eyes

Clean Hot Poison From the Brain

Clean Hot Poison From the Center

Hot Poison in Toxic Stage

Clean Hot Poison From the Skin

Clean Hot Poison From the Kidneys

Stimulate to Clean Poison

Clean Poison From the Throat

Clean Poison From the Heart

Clean Drug Poison

Clean Poison From the Membranes


Heart Tropism

Clean and Wake Up Heart

Clean Heart and Brain

Clear Turbid Qi from Heart

Cool Heart

Cool Heart and Lung

Cool Blood

Clean and Nourish Blood

Nourish Blood/ Clean Stomach

Cool and Nourish Heart

Nourish Heart and Brain

Heart Yin


Cool Liver

Nourish Stomach/Cool Liver

Cool and Clean Liver


Clean Liver/Stomach/Throat

Open Liver/Cool/Liver Yin


Nourish Kidney

Nourish/Clean Kidney

Nourish/Stabilize Kidney

Nourish Kidney/Throat

Nourish Kidney/Liver

Nourish Kidney/Stomach

Cool Kidney/Generate Fluids

Cool Kidney/Clear Inflammation

Cool Kidney/Clean Poison

Kidney Yang

Kidney Yang/Blood

Kidney Yang/ Center

Kidney Yang/Pericardium

Kidney Yang/Intestines

Kidney Yang/Clean Poison

Kidney Yang/Jing

Open Kidney Tubules

Cool/Clean Kidney

Clean Kidney Poison



Gonad Yin/Intestines

Gonad Fluids


Clean/Nourish Reproductive System

Clear Genital Heat

Nourish Kidney Yin

Nourish/Cool Kidney Yin

Kidney Yin/Blood

Benefit Jing




Lower Dan Tian

Liver/Lower Dan Tian

Stimulate Lower Dan Tian

Cool/Consolidate Lower Dan Tian

Cool/Open Lower Dan Tian

Bring Qi to Lower Dan Tian

Nourish Lower Dan Tian

Chong Channel


Calm Heart via Blood

Calm Spirit via Center

Slow Down Hyper-Processing

Calm Kidney Yin

The Brain

Calm Brain

Cool Brain

Promote Brain Fluids

Nourish Pineal Gland

Nourish Pituitary Gland

Yin Tang/Forebrain

Nourish Whole Brain Yin/Clean Heart

Nourish Whole Brain Yin/Stomach

Nourish Whole Brain Yin/Lung

Nourish and Clean Brain

Support the Brain/Genitals

Support the Brain/Nervous System

Nourish Brain/Neutral

Nourish Brain/Lung

Nourish Brain/Heart

Nourish Brain/Liver

Nourish Brain/Stomach/Promote Fluids

Nourish Brain/Lower Dan Tian

Nourish Brain/Genitals

Open Brain

Descend Brain Qi


Clean Brain/Nerves

Clean Brain/Heart

Nourish/Clean Brain

Clean Brain Poison

Clean/Stimulate Brain

Treating Marijuana Syndromes With Qi Gong

A Powerful Tool

Specific Practices

In Closing



Footnotes, References and Logic

A Note on References

Footnotes, References and Logic

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