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Marin Acupuncturist Releases Book For Healthcare Workers On Treating Marijuana Syndromes

“Tens of thousands of people are getting misdiagnosed, mistreated and given inappropriate therapies and medications.” says Marin county acupuncturist John Mini, “I want to completely reverse this trend and send it in a more positive direction.”

Mr. Mini has doing public education on the effects and side effects of marijuana since 2005. This experience has taught him that the most important population to focus marijuana education on right now is health care practitioners.

“I’ve learned that people in the health care professions actually know less about the side effects of marijuana than the rest of the population,” continues Mini, “Education is essential, but clinical guidelines are completely missing from the medical literature when it comes to marijuana. This where Traditional Chinese Medicine can provide solid and critically important help for medical practitioners.”

Mini’s book, Marijuana Syndromes: How to Balance and Optimize the Effects of Cannabis With Traditional Chinese Medicine is a reference standard for health care professionals who work with people that take marijuana.

Perfect for acupuncturists, herbalists, physicians, psychotherapists, body workers and care givers who are familiar with the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Marijuana Syndromes gives practitioners vital tools to work with the qualities and complications of marijuana use in a clinical setting.

John Mini M.S.C.M./ La.C. Dipl. Ac. is an acupuncturist and herbalist in Tiburon, California. He has dedicated over twenty years of research into the effects of marijuana and how to balance and optimize them using Traditional Chinese Medicine. Over the course of pursuing this research, John has observed and defined over 200 different marijuana syndromes, along with treatment plans for each of them that include unique acupuncture, herbal, dietary and Qi Gong protocols.

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