Marijuana as an Aphrodisiac

What is a True Aphrodisiac?

There are a number of substances that have an affinity for moving the Qi, blood, Yin and Yang into the area of the genitals.

Does physical stimulation in the area of the genitals qualify a substance as a true aphrodisiac?

Designer Aphrodisiacs

The aphrodisiac quality of a substance relates to the person who takes it.

Some people aren’t oriented sexually. It’s very difficult or impossible to turn these people on with practically any substance no matter how powerful an aphrodisiac it might be.

Something New, Wew Hew

People say marijuana’s high has a sexy quality, but I think that’s because this is how people are generally wired. When these people experience something new and different, they feel sexual.

There’s evidence that marijuana stimulates sexual and pleasure centers in the brain. Whether or not a person translates this sensuality into sexuality depends on how they’re wired.

We become what we focus our attention on.

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This study defines the effects of cannabis as lowering sexual inhibition , rather than aphrodisiac.

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