Marijuana and Pregnancy

Marijuana and the Baby

Is it OK for a woman to take marijuana if she’s pregnant?

Please remember that marijuana crosses the placenta. The placenta is a network of blood vessels the baby uses to connect with the mother’s blood stream to nourish itself. That means when a mother get stoned while she’s pregnant, her baby does, too.

Marijuana and the Developing Fetus

Is it OK for a baby to get stoned while it's developing inside of the uterus? This is the time a child is creating its body. If the foundations of its body get influenced in this way while the baby’s still inside the womb, the root of all its body systems will get influenced by the cannabis and possibly get damaged from the beginning of its life.

There’s now direct evidence that marijuana causes actual chromosome damage. Using marijuana while pregnant can give a child developmental damage on both mental and physical levels. Studies have shown that if a woman uses marijuana during her pregnancy her baby may be smaller than if she didn’t. Smaller babies develop more health problems in general.

The most recent research shows that marijuana, especially new-strain marijuana and products that contain synthetic THC can create measurable effects on brain development even before the placenta forms.

Marijuana Can Take Away What the Baby Needs

From the viewpoint of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the presence of marijuana during pregnancy creates heat and poison that can irritate the baby. Since marijuana influences the kidney and Jing sexual essence systems in such profound ways, it can do two things to a child as it develops:

1) It may compromise the mother’s energy and the quality of the material that she can give to her child during this time.

2) It can aggravate and distort the development of the child’s brain, nervous and organ systems because of the heat and confusion of energy that the marijuana causes.

Marijuana and Morning Sickness

I want to add that even though people use marijuana as a potent anti-nausea medication, it is not a good idea to use marijuana to treat the symptoms of morning sickness. This is because the earlier the child is in its development, the more potent the above effects may happen.

In short, with very few exceptions, there’s no good reason to take marijuana while pregnant, and every good reason not to.

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