Marijuana and Jing


The Chinese medical classics state that Jing sexual essence, Qi and blood are the physical foundations of the mind and spirit.

Jing is a storehouse of life potential. It determines the quality of a person’s life experience and possibly even the length of life as well.

Marijuana Affects the Jing

Taoist physiology views the brain as a repository of Jing and potential.

Marijuana moves quickly into the brain and to very specific CB1 receptor sites on core nerve cells.

The parts of the brain that have the highest concentration of these receptors are the ones that control experiences of pleasure, thought, memory, sensation, concentration, time perception and coordination.

Burning Out

If someone becomes tolerant by continuing to use marijuana without balancing it, s/he won’t get high when s/he takes it. S/he’ll just get more burned out.

If someone reaches this stage, s/he’s deep in the burned out core of the brain, nervous system and Jing sexual essence.

Other Resources

Teen marijuana users have lower long-term memory in adulthood related to structural changes in the hippocampus...

Frequent use of high potency cannabis significantly affects the structure of white matter fibres in the brain, whether you have psychosis or not.
This reflects a sliding scale where the more cannabis you smoke and the higher the potency, the worse the damage will be.

Treatments and Therapies

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Acupuncture and Herbal Treatments

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