Marijuana and Health

Balancing Marijuana

It’s possible for people to stay healthy if they use marijuana, but only if they take measures to balance it every time they use it.

Taking these steps keeps people healthier. If they do it correctly, it can also synergize with the marijuana in their system so they’ll have a better experience with it.

The Quest For Balance

The problem is that most people don’t know how to balance marijuana even if they want to. The reason is that marijuana is a very complex substance and it behaves differently in each person who takes it. That’s why it’s very much worth your while to study the material you’ll find on this website and in the marijuana syndromes book and apply it to your clinical practice.

For complete information on balancing and optimizing all phases of cannabis use and involvement, please refer to

Marijuana Syndromes
How to Balance and Optimize
the Effects of Cannabis
With Traditional Chinese Medicine

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