Marijuana and Drug Addiction

A Volatile Catalyst

Sometimes people take marijuana at the same they’re involved with other drugs. I think the important thing to remember about this is that marijuana is a very volatile catalyst. It can synergize with other drugs in a wide variety of ways.

Marijuana’s volatility is a part of its spicy, warm to hot and poisonous nature. Marijuana is a very complex substance. The number of ways that it can interact with other drugs is almost infinite. Outcomes will always depend to a very large extent on the state of the user.

This infinitude is one of the things that makes it so appealing to try using marijuana along with other drugs. People find it interesting to try the combinations.

Don’t Mix The Medicines

But there’s one thing that I remember the shamans said again and again when it came to ceremony and sacred substances. They said don’t mix the medicines. They said that it’s bad medicine to mix the medicines.

So I don’t recommend doing it.

Marijuana and Drug Addiction


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