Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug?

Marijuana: The Great Gateway Drug

I don’t know if any drug can really be considered a gateway for another drug in terms of indicating a one-to-one response. That is, when someone takes drug A, then they definitely take drug B.

As soon as you fall away from this strict definition, however, the gateway world gets very hazy, particularly where marijuana is concerned. There are many conflicting reports and studies.

A Lack of Guidance and Ritual Payment

When people get involved with taking marijuana in an unbalanced way and their lives get confused and messed up, and they go on to harder drugs that confuse and mess their lives up even more, the shamans usually point to a lack of guidance and ritual payment as the cause.

Balance in the Gateway

Most of the undesirable effects of marijuana come from unbalanced use over time. The more positive influences and orientations a person can build into her/his life, the easier it is to transform those bummer highs into something positive. It’s just like any relationship. The more positive history and context that s/he can build into any relationship, then the easier it is to ride out the tough spots.

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How to Balance and Optimize
the Effects of Cannabis
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