How to Balance the Effects of Marijuana

The Power is in Your Precision

The more you can learn about which marijuana syndrome or syndromes a person is in, the more you can do to help her/him. Generic advice will only take her/him so far. Beyond that, the real power to help them is contained within the specific information in each syndrome and in the precision of how to use that information to treat them.

Other things to keep in mind:


Time can heal most things. The longer somebody can go between the times s/he uses marijuana, the better chance s/he can recover from it.


In general, eating a cooling diet is important for people who take marijuana. But there are many complexities in treating marijuana syndromes because marijuana is such a complex substance. Each group of marijuana syndromes has a family of foods that best treat it. This also applies to many of the individual marijuana syndromes. Timing and specificity are what will give you the power to help the situation when it comes to treating and balancing long-term marijuana use or abuse.


Exercise is critical for people who are involved with marijuana. It not only builds their general health, which is very important given marijuana’s effects on the immune system, but it also helps to cleanse their systems of the marijuana itself.

In addition, there are very important neurological components to exercise that are very helpful for people who take marijuana.

Qi Gong

Practicing Qi Gong can be a really wonderful way to get people actively involved in their health and healing. It’s also a great alternative to other more intense forms of exercise if the patient is averse to them for medical or other reasons. Qi Gong is also really fun to do when you’re stoned, so there’s a positive incentive to do this practice. Click here for specific qi gong exercises for marijuana syndromes.


Acupuncture is very highly suited for working with marijuana syndromes. The more deeply you understand your patient, acupuncture and the marijuana syndromes themselves, the more effective you’ll be.

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Marijuana Syndromes
How to Balance and Optimize
the Effects of Cannabis
With Traditional Chinese Medicine