Marijuana Syndromes

Zones of Qualities

Each marijuana syndrome group defines a particular zone of qualities. A person may tend to gravitate toward one or more of these cross sections at any given time.

Enhance the Positive and Reduce the Negative

The issue in treatment is enhancing the positive effects of the drug while diminishing the negative ones.

Understanding the patient as an individual and assessing their position(s) in the marijuana syndromes accurately are key points in successful treatment.

Technique is Critical

If a person uses it in a mature and responsible way, sometimes the positive effects of marijuana can become valuable assets to her/his life and healing. Yet the problem is that over time, each of these positive effects can turn into its opposite if s/he doesn’t do something to balance the marijuana in her/his system.

As mature practitioners, we want to guide the effects of marijuana into these positive channels. The only question is how. This is where technique becomes critical...

The Marijuana Syndromes


To learn all of the details of diagnosing and treating marijuana syndromes, please refer to

Marijuana Syndromes
How to Balance and Optimize
the Effects of Cannabis
With Traditional Chinese Medicine

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For extensive details on how to balance and optimize the effects of cannabis using Traditional Chinese Medicine, please refer to

Marijuana Syndromes
How to Balance and Optimize
the Effects of Cannabis
With Traditional Chinese Medicine