A Message to Cannabis Advocates Regarding the Marijuana Syndromes

Although a number of so-called cannabis advocates have polarized against the message of the marijuana syndromes for the last several years, the marijuana syndromes information can help you to become a better cannabis advocate.

There’s been a trend in the cannabis community to assert that cannabis has no side effects and that cannabis is only good for all people in any quantity. This would be a crazy assertion to make for even the most neutral substance, but making this claim for such a powerful medicine as cannabis has no basis in reality. You can believe whatever you want to believe, but when you make such an outrageous and impossible claim about cannabis you invalidate the important and real parts of your arguments for cannabis, lose your credibility and become just another true believer in the eyes of people who aren’t members of the cannabis community.

Savvy cannabis advocates include realistic cautions in their arguments and come prepared with a game plan for what to do when somebody begins to go too far with her/his cannabis use to the point where s/he is using it inappropriately to the point of harm. This plan includes a variety of methods to assess when a person is going into over use, and what to do to get her/him back on track to responsible use or to stop using it altogether if s/he has substance abuse issues.

This is precisely where the marijuana syndromes can be of such value to cannabis advocates. It gives detailed instructions on exactly where and how points of deviation can occur in cannabis use and provides a wealth of powerful tools to help an individual get back into the most positive relationship with cannabis again. These methods can also help cannabis users at any level to balance and optimize their experiences with cannabis at each step along the way to help ensure that problems don’t occur and how to mitigate, alleviate and sometimes avoid them completely.

If you’re a cannabis advocate, I don’t know how you could ask for more empowering information to assist your cause. The marijuana syndromes and their treatments are rooted thousands of years ago in the very beginnings of the original relationship that formed between cannabis and humankind. This information is solid, practical and sustainable. Knowledge of the marijuana syndromes and their treatments can help you to create a mature, realistic and genuinely empowered agenda for cannabis advocacy that will have power, endurance and a solid foundation for success.

I hope that what I offer here will assist the furthering of you and the rest of the cannabis community in the most positive ways.

Thank you for your kind attention,

John Mini

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