A Call to Clinicians Regarding the Side Effects of Cannabis

There’s a great deal of buzz in the media these days regarding the medical use of cannabis. Even though many cannabis advocates insist that cannabis use at all levels is free from side effects, my observation as a health care practitioner is that this is definitely not the case. It’s surprising to me that more clinicians haven’t stepped forth and said something about it.

Many clinicians that have extensive experience in working with members of the cannabis community have contacted me over the years to thank me for the work I’ve done with the marijuana syndromes. This website is a synopsis of my own clinical findings, plus the insights of many senior medical practitioners from around the world that I have interviewed over the years. I also need your clinical perspective to help create a balanced and sensible professional opinion base from a variety of experienced clinicians.

If you have any observations, stories, articles and especially video footage of your clinical findings in treating people who use cannabis at any level, this is an important time to share your knowledge with the world. This way we can all benefit and take our practice and the public to higher levels of understanding and greater health.

Thank you for your consideration,

John Mini M.S.C.M./L.Ac.


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