9 Magical Keys
to Keep Your Medical Marijuana Dispensary Open

The Pressure Is On

Pressure is on from federal law enforcement to close Medical Marijuana dispensaries. If you operate a dispensary, it’s vital that you play an active role in your survival as a business. If you just wait there doing nothing, you greatly increase your chances of getting shut down.

So what do you do? Here are some guidelines that I’ve discovered from working on both sides of this issue in the marijuana community. They’ll take you a long way toward staying open and successful in the times to come.

Guidelines To Staying Open

1) Create a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) manual that is fully compliant with all existing laws.

This is a set of rules that guide every action that your dispensary and its employees take. Follow it in your daily business. This document is a very important step to compliance. When you hand it over to authorities, it shows that you’re serious and professional about what you do.

2) Have trained medical professionals on staff.

The biggest problem with many dispensaries is that there’s nothing medical about them. Including health professionals on your team in some capacity gives a clear indication that you’re working to assist people in your community with genuine medical concerns.

3) Create meaningful and useful relationships with local Pot Docs.

What’s missing from the Medical Marijuana system at this point is feedback systems between the patients, providers and doctors. These systems are what guide real medicine to make sure the patients are getting what they need for their conditions. If you’re a part of this feedback loop, you’ll become an indispensable link between patients and their doctors.

4) Clean up your scene.

What’s going on in and around your dispensary? Is it professional and serving a real need, or is it something that your community wants to get rid of? Many of the problems that occur happen not because of the dispensaries themselves, but because of people who linger in and abuse the atmosphere. Security, safety and enforcement are the foundation of your standing in the community.

5) Clean up your membership.

There are people who misuse their Medical Marijuana cards. There are many others who never should have received them in the first place. You know who they are. When these people consistently make a mess of their lives and the lives of people around them, it erases the logic of what your dispensary is doing in the community.

6) Educate your members.

Help members who use medical cannabis on a regular basis to understand that although cannabis can have many useful benefits, using it over time can stress the body just like any other medicine.

7) Mystery key, sorry if you missed it.

8) Community service.

Every community has important issues and projects that need to get done. If your dispensary is thriving, invest in the needs of your community. These actions will build the kinds of relationships that will guarantee a permanent future for your business there.

9) Contact local law enforcement.

Give them a package that shows them everything you’re doing to be not just compliant, but an active force that is helping your community. Make an appointment for an officer or other staff to visit your dispensary so you can demonstrate your compliance first hand. Ask local law if there’s anything else they’d like you to do, do it and show them you’ve done it. The positive relationships you build with local law enforcement will be some of your best lines of safety both now and in the future.

Keep Yourself In The Game

If you want to have a Medical Marijuana dispensary, you need to be a Medical Marijuana dispensary. It may seem like a lot to do, but as we face times of increasing governmental regulations and controls, it really is what you need to do if you want to stay in the game.

Good luck!

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